Horse Bios

Hi! My name is Angel. HHEAL has been my home for about a year now and I am really enjoying it! I used to be a team roping horse, so I like having a job. In my old job I would have to chase down a cow so my rider could rope it, then when both my rider and his teammate roped the cow, I would stop so the cow would have to stop. It was a timed event which taught me to run fast!

I love to run when I have the space! And that leads me to tell you a little about my breed. I’m a Quarter Horse. My ancestors got their name from being fast at the quarter mile. Like I said, I love to run and race others. If you let me, I’m pretty sure I could beat everyone here in the barn!

My coloring is white, but if you look really close when you give me a bath, you can actually see that I have some paint markings. My paint splotches are dark skin with a dapple grey hair. Kinda cool!



Hey there! I’m Buddy! I am quite the character, you see. I have a real sense of humor; in fact, that’s why my stall is located where it is. I just love attention from everybody and I entertain myself by throwing my halters or whatever is on the hook outside my stall on the floor. Hey, you can’t blame me, it always works to get some extra pats and rubs!

Other than being a comedian, I’m a special horse in several other ways. First of all, I’m privately owned by the best girl anyone could imagine. She rides all the time and keeps me fit. Plus she works with me and I have learned excellent ground manners since coming to HHEAL. You might also have noticed my extensive tack wardrobe; I guess you could say that I’m the barn fashion plate, thanks to my owner! And thirdly, I am a barrel racer! I love to hit that last stretch and race for home!

My breed is a Paintaloosa and I am 8 years old this year.



My name is Buster Brown.  I was born in 2008; that makes me 10 in horse years, but 35 in human years! I love to be busy, and when I get bored, I like to put things in my mouth! You might see me chewing on my lead rope at times!

My former occupation was working cattle, but I think I’m much more suited to taking good care of therapeutic riders. Of course, I’m very well trained so I’m responsive to more advanced riders. Because of this, I’m used in all kinds of lessons. Actually, what I really enjoy is trail rides! I love the open range and just relaxing on the trail!

I’m a good example of a true working Quarter Horse. My reflexes are quick, but I’m very sensible and don’t fly off the handle at any little thing. I am very dependable and I can carry adults all day. Man, this is a piece of cake compared with my old job at the ranch!



Hello there! I have been here at HHEAL for about two years and what a time it has been! In my first year, I was bitten by another horse, had to have surgery, and had colic! And even though large crowds make me feel claustrophobic, I enjoy being in on the action! Before I got here, I was hanging out in a pasture with my old owner not doing too much work, so I am so excited to have a job again!

I am an appaloosa, kinda like Buddy, but without the paint part. Buddy and I get along very well; some even call us boyfriend and girlfriend. He is a good guy!

I measure up to be about 14.2 hands, which is right on the borderline of being a pony. I’m still a horse, but my height would throw me into a different category. I am told though that I am the perfect size for working here at the barn!



My name is Shortyottalena, but they just call me Shorty for short. My birthday is May 8, 1997 and I have paper documentation to prove it! You can ask in the office to see my pedigree if you want! It is quite impressive with my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents all listed. I had to have my paper pedigree for my job before I came to HHEAL. Any time I entered in a reining competition they wanted to know who I was, and it’s really impressive to see that one of your relatives is famous! I have a lot of famous relatives!

I have a great retirement job here at HHEAL! The independent riders really have fun on me as I am one of the more responsive and respectful horses, which makes them very comfortable!



My name is Lucky. My owner is a busy mom, who has lots of other responsibilities right now, so I’m lucky that I have a full-time job here at HHEAL. I was only five years old when I came here. It is very unusual to start out as a therapy horse so young, but I’m such a happy, easy-going fellow that they realized I had found my perfect spot. Since I am one of the “young bucks” here in the barn, my responsibilities include carrying some of the heavier riders. I have a great disposition and am very sensitive. I’m also a favorite of the independent riders because of my responsiveness. I was born in 2008 so that makes me 10 years old!


I’m Kipling, but they call me Kip for short. I am a Thoroughbred/Shire Cross and although I was originally trained to pull a carriage, I was used most recently as a field hunter for fox hunting.. These are all very physically challenging events. I enjoyed it all, but started to get some injuries, due to how challenging the activity was. Because of this, my owners decided to find me a job that was a little more chill. I’m enjoying HHEAL and the slower pace very much!

My birthday is January 1, 2006. I’m a very large horse for the purposes of HHEAL, but they say that is a good thing, as my height will help people push their limits!


Hi! My name is Princess. I am a 27-year old Belgian Draft horse. I moved here to Florida from Tennessee in January of 2018 and had a really thick coat of hair. In Atlanta it was cold so they had to clip all my hair so that I would not be so hot here. This heat is pretty hard on me!

Before I came to join the HHEAL team, I pulled a carriage for different events, such as fall festivals and weddings. HHEAL is a great retirement home for me and I am so excited to be here and use my big muscles to carry folks around for therapy.



I’m Waylon! I was born in 2005, so that makes me 12 years old! I’m a Shetland Pony, they are known for being very stocky so I can carry up to 100 lbs. Lots of people come here and are not too sure about whether they want to get up on a tall horse, so that’s where I come in; a good way to start out! I also have a very peppy walk and trot, so riders with mobility issues can really get a good workout on me!


I’m also very popular at birthday parties. And, if you’ve seen our brochures, very photogenic and popular with the picture takers. I also think most kids like to rub my crewcut – you don’t see too many of those these days.